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Elevating Roof & Roof Rack

Aero Silver Cross Bars and Reimo Activ Rail Fitting Kit VW Campervan Transporter Elevating Roof

Elevating Roof & Roof Rack

Adjustable roof rack system for all elevating /pop top/ high top/ coach-built Roofs


This system comes with two 2m vehicle length rails, two 1.5m wide aero cross bars (currently the quietest on the market with the least wind drag) and a full fitting kit for elevating roofs. This is our own system which is designed and only made by us, using our custom-made components.

The carrying capacity of our roof rack system is not limited by our system, but on the elevating roof fixings on your vehicle (REIMO recommend no more than 35kg and SCA 70kg). If you are unsure of your roof’s carrying capacity, please approach your roof manufacturer.

The new flat internal fixing system has been designed to work on roofs with at least 10mm of roof thickness (such as the SCA or REIMO roof). We do offer fitting services for roofs less than 10mm thick, as well as self-fit kits (self-fit kits contain internal components that differ from those pictures here- for more information please see

The elevating roof rack system, supplied and fitted is £475 for Silver and £535 for black.

This comprises 2 hours with two staff (so 4 man-hours) based on our standard fitting time and standard fixings. If any additional unforeseen work is required and/or additional components, this cost can vary (but we will always try to keep to this standard cost).


We also offer cross bars kits for active rails which might already be fitted to your vehicle from £160 (please call us for more information: 01237423399).

Product Summary

Adjustable roof rack system for elevating / pop top or coach built campervan roofs. The system comes with two vehicle rails, two aero cross bars and a full fitting kit for elevating roofs.

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