Elevating Roof Safety Nets

Elevating Roof Safety Nets



The elevating roof child safety net is a common addition to conversions with a roof bed. Safety nets are a great way to prevent your child from falling.

The nets are made for us, to our own measurements to fit the REIMO roof bed for all models of VW Transporter. They are fitted into the vehicle with screws under the mattress and have a quick release buckle that goes onto the current roof tie-down straps. They can also be fitted to many other roof models as the roof bed widths are all very similar.

The Elevating-Roof Child Safety Net can be fitted while you wait for £100

Product Summary

The most common addition to a conversion with an elevating roof is a roof bed. The child safety nets are then a very important consideration when fitting a roof bed with young children in mind. Or the can just be used to catch any stray pillows.

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