Thermal Blinds


The Thermal window screens have many advantages over tradtional curtains including;

  • They are suckered to the window, so they don’t hang away at the bottom.
  • They don’t get covered in mildew if scrunched up or tied back when damp.
  • They can be easily packed out of sight or even left at home when not needed.
  • They give an almost total black out.
  • They keep the heat out in the sun, and they keep the heat in when it’s cold.

Please see our range of Thermal Window Blinds.


All our screens are made to our own templates and are therefore not marketed by any other seller. Although we always try to keep a large stock of screens, which are sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will always try to put on our website if any are out of stock and a postage timescale if this is the case

We were the first company making a full set of window screens for the VW T5 and over 6 years have tweaked our templates to fit all the windows properly, including our Cab Set (most suppliers sell generic cab sets that are often just about close enough to sell for the T5!).

We have thousands of happy customers and have been told our screens are better made, a better material and are a much better fit than other suppliers.

Silver window screens have taken over as the more popular window covering option for campervans.

The screens are made out of a 7 layered material (there are differences in the quality of this material, which is sometimes reflected in the sale price!).

Product Summary

Thermal blinds attach to the inside of the front and rear windscreens to insulate your camper van during the night. We offer a full range for VW T5 and a comprehensive range for the T4 Models.

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