Window Fitting

After-market Glass Windows


The most popular choice for customers; these windows are designed to fit panel vans and are manufactured to a very high standard and is darker than VW glass.

Windows start from £315 for fixed privacy glass and £450 for opening privacy glass.

Please be aware that these prices are based on an empty, unconverted van. Any additional work required such as removal of furniture or seating is charged at our normal £60 per hour rate.



Original VW Glass Windows


These are not a straight forward fit to a panel van and have a history of leaking problems, though the flush closed fit of the opening window is a nice feature that is more aesthetically pleasing.

These start at £395 for fixed clear glass and £675 for opening windows.

Product Summary

There are two options when choosing windows for your campervan. Either original VW windows, which have a history of leaking, although the flush closed fit of the opening window is a nice feature and looks good. Or After-market, which are typically is the most popular choice.

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