Elevating / Pop Top Roof Child Safety Net


A Child Safety Net for Elevating Roof Beds gives you peace of mind. Your children are safe in daytime play or sleep.

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Made for us to our specific measurements to ensure they fit correctly, these nets are suitable for a variety of roof beds. They are fitted into the vehicle with three screws under the mattress and have a quick release buckle that is fitted onto the roof securing straps, or attached to the roof handles if you do not have strap points in the front of your roof (as in SCA roofs).

These nets are a very important consideration for any family camper, providing a barrier for children sleeping in the roof bed but also work well as a head board for anyone in the roof not wanting to lose a pillow in the middle of the night.

Net size: 107cm W x 56cm which is typically the correct fitment for VW T5 – T6.1 transporters.

They can be altered for instance to fit a T4 which needs them cut them down by 20-25mm. The rectangular bottom cap comes out easily to cut the bottom rail and any excess material can be cut back a bit outside of the stitching. The top round bar is best to be cut first, before knocking the round cap out from the inside so as not to damage it.