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Rear Canvas Back Panel DIY Repair Kit for Elevating Roofs


A DIY Kit for repairing the rear panel of an Elevating Roof – overcovers the original Rear Panel of the Canvas


Rain, damp and UV rays from sunny days can all cause the canvas of your elevating roof to deteriorate, though a gap in the rear rubber is often the culprit in letting in water and rotting the rear panel of your elevating roof.

This kit contains:
1 x New Waterproof Sail Canvas Back Panel (More Rot Resistant than the original)
1 x High Temperature and High Grab Contact Adhesive Glue
2 x 5g Tubes of Flexible Polyurethane Adhesive glue

You will also need a tube of clear silicone to re-seal the bottom of the panel once fitted

This product is suitable for all Elevating Roofs up to 40cm in height

Please watch our step by step fitting video