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TV Magnetic Aerial Antenna Necvox Quality NV536


Necvox Quality NV536 On The Go, Car, Campervan, Truck, Motorhome, Camping Waterproof Portable DAB Aerial Digital Freeview DVB-T Antenna UHF/VHF TV Antenna

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Suitable for your Car, Van, Camper, Motorhome, Boat, Yacht, Narrow Boat, Bus or even just at home!

At only 5″ tall, 0.5kg in weight and with a 3.5″ circular base this well-built, fully portable indoor and outdoor free-view TV and DAB digital Aerial is completely universal. This Necvox NV 536 portable TV & DAB antenna is a passive (non-powered) plug and play Omani-directional DAB, digital, UHF and VHF TV aerial. As an Omani-directional TV & DAB antenna and with a 5 meter extension cable, it will pick up the majority of TV & Radio channels without the need to keep moving it around.


Suitable for Outdoor Or Indoor Use Fully Waterproofed To IP 68

  • Antenna Weight 0.5kg
  • Internal Bronze Aperture Spring
  • Antenna Stick Height 5″ – Hi-end Brass Screw In Connection to Base
  • Standard Nickel Plated 10mm (Diameter) F-Type (Male) Screw In Antenna Connector
  • Positive/ Negative Antenna Base Hi-Magnetic Antenna Base
  • PE Antenna Cable Length 5 meters Insulation Impedance 75 ohm (10mhz)
  • Digital Frequency Range 470mhz – 868mhz
  • UHF & VHF Range 470mhz – 862mhz
  • Signal Decline: 96db (10mhz)
  • Operable Temperature Range 0 – 60 Degree