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SuperFLEX Solar Panel and Victron Smart Solar Charge Regulator Kit

  • MiPV Leisure Series
  • Lightweight PV Panel – Less than 3kg/M2
  • Truly Flexible and Durable – Unlike traditional crystalline
  • Panel Length 1295mm x Width 995mm
  • No Ballast or racking required
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Certified to IEC61646 & 61734
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty & 10 Year power output warrant
  • Victron Bluetooth Smartcharge MPPT control regulator
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Solar panel efficiency is measured in Watts calculated from how much of the sun’s energy a panel can convert into usable electricity.

However, this is often an unreliable way for consumers to work out which is the best flexible panel to choose for their motorhome. This is due to the fact that some solar panels are more efficient than others.

Our panels are made up of thin solar cells constructed from copper, indium, gallium and selenium which can harvest significantly more energy over a standard flexible monocrystalline panel when compared solely in wattage size.

The technology is much more efficient at harvesting power in low light which means it starts working earlier in the day and later in the evening and copes well with overcast weather conditions and shade.

By comparison linked monocrystalline cells stop working if any cell is shaded or covered.  This makes our panels more than 17% efficient over glass photovoltaic panels and 60-70% more efficient than an equivalent flexible monocrystalline solar panel.

Flexible panels are often fragile and can sometimes only be flexed a couple of times.  Fitting these to a solid structure is fine, but if fitting to an elevating roof (which will flex slightly every time it is operated) overtime this can break. Our panels are fully manufactured in the UK and are designed to also be used on commercial roofs that are constantly walked on, making them fantastically durable!


  • Thickness: 2.7mm (inc backing)
  • VOC – Open Circuit Voltage – 53.43V
  • ISC – Short Circuit Current – 4.39A
  • VMP – Maximum Power Voltage – 43.4V
  • IMP – Maximum Current – 3.8A
  • PMAX – Power – 164.92W


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115w Panel, 170w Panel