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3 Thermal Blind Package – Sliding door, Opposite and Rear Quarter


  •  Made of 7 layers of material
  • Easily packed away
  • Almost total black out
  • Cool in the summer, warm in the winter


Includes 1x sliding door window, 1x window opposite sliding door and 1x rear quarter window

These thermal blinds attach to the insides of the windows to help insulate your camper van during the night. We offer a full range of thermal window screens for the VW T5 and T6 models. Silver window screens have taken over as the more popular window covering option for campervans.

•        Includes suckers to stick the blinds onto the windows

•        Screens are made of 7 layers of material

•         Easily packed out of sight or even left at home when not needed

•         They give an almost total black out

•         They keep the heat out in the summer, and the heat in during the winter




This product can be delicate. When preparing this product for use, please support the eyelet whilst inserting the suckers (this works best using a screwing motion).

To fasten screens, push the suckers onto the glass. If the suckers are not sticking well you may need to clean the glass (clean glass can sometimes have a film of dirt that will need to be cleaned for best results). Moistening the sucker can also help. The suckers can sometimes become misshapen which will cause the suckers not to stick. This can easily be rectified by putting the sucker cup in some warm water before sticking it the glass to help regain its shape.

To remove the screens, pull on the suckers one by one, never removing them by pulling the material. If the windows have a darkened tinting film on them then the suction may lift this film so extra care needs to be taken. The suckers can easy be removed by lifting the edge of the material and removing the sucker by gently touching the edge of the sucker cup to break the seal.